Ways to make your Christmas party special

Ways to make your Christmas party special


We absolutely swear by a photobooth, you cannot go wrong with them! They bring such a social element to your event, bringing guests together and also creating memories that they can take home with them. Our favourite thing about photobooths is the branding that comes with them. You can theme anything from the outside of the booth, the props, to the backdrops of the picture to the print-out’s themselves! We highly recommend creating a hashtag for your event so you can have a platform to look at all the activity from your evening across all the social media sites.  #19EventsLovesChristmas!


Themed Drinks;

A great way to inject some Christmas spirit into your event is literally through your spirits! Try and pay homage to the festive season by serving classic Christmas drinks. Mulled wine and cider always goes down a treat, and spruce up those cocktails with a candy cane or a sugared rim to look like snow!



This is an easy one and even the smallest detail can have a big impact. For seated events a centre-piece is always a must! Think shiny baubles and fairy lights cosily tucked into fish bowls or jars. For some events we have even installed a Christmas tree in the corner of room to bring some colour and sparkle to the room – this can be added to by hanging ornaments around the room or from the ceiling. Snowflake gobo’s are fabulous to project on the walls or floor. If you’re feeling extra festive, add some fake snow to the corner of the room or around the centre pieces on the tables!


Goody Bags;

Goody bags are a special way to end your evening, giving your guests something to take home with them and use at home is a really personal touch. Some of the items we’ve used in previous Christmas bags are; mulled wine spices (to make your own at home!), gingerbread cookies, festive warm socks, or even a personalised bauble to hang on their own trees!


Glitter Girls;

Give your guests a sprinkle of Christmas magic by using our fave company to adorn their faces with glitter! Even the men end up getting it done in their beards – great fun and a great for the Instagram snaps!